One of the ways a food co-op differs from a supermarket is that member-owners and others often pitch in to help keep things running. It's a great way to support the co-op’s work and gain insight into what it means to co-own and operate a grocery store.

We welcome volunteers at all levels of involvement and skill, from one-time shifts at special events to regular help with store operations or organizational tasks. The only requirements are that you be reliable and willing to coordinate your efforts with others.

Our produce share program relies almost entirely on volunteers, and we're always looking for people who can commit to a twice-monthly Tuesday shift. Other volunteer tasks include dishwashing and staffing tables at special events. Or we'd love to hear from you about whatever talent or time you can offer!

To find out more, sign up to be added to our volunteer Google group and receive occasional messages about volunteer opportunities, or email the board of directors about opportunities to serve on the board or one of our board committees.

Support our work by volunteering or making a donation.