COVID-19 guidelines

We're working to keep our staff, customers, and volunteers safe and healthy as we all navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

We strive to be a community space! But at present we ask that everyone coming to the store practice "social distancing" as recommended by public health authorities. Please be aware of how close you are to others as you shop, and stand at the marked locations while waiting in line at the cash register.

For the safety of our staff, who interact with many people over the course of a shift, please maintain some physical distance at the register.

Everyone coming in to the store should wear a face covering as required by the Orange Board of Health.

In addition to our standard disinfectant and food-safe practices, staff are currently practicing more frequent hand-washing and sanitizing of all surfaces.

For shoppers who want to minimize contact with others, we also offer remote ordering and contact-free shopping.

Support our work by volunteering or making a donation.